Fall in Love With F5

//  05.04.15

Fall in LOVE with Opening Sequence for this year’s F5 Fest

Intense, deep, dewey-eyed and bittersweet, love is experienced in a variety of ways, just like F5, a creativity festival held  April 17-18 at Terminal 5 in New York City.

The theme for the 2015 incarnation of F5 was simply, “love.” That single word was also the entirety of the creative brief given to Block & Tackle by F5’s director, Ventura Castro, for the opening titles. The only other rule: no one on the F5 team was to see the titles until the day of the event.

Founded by creative directors Adam Gault and Ted Kotsaftis, Block & Tackle is a production company that is focused on visual storytelling. From animation to live action to stop motion, Block & Tackle overcomes design challenges by any means necessary, and the team pulled out all the stops for the opening sequence.

“We thought of it as an experimental narrative, with Love as the central theme,” says Block & Tackle Co-Founder and Creative Director Adam Gault. “We’d watch down the rough cut and then let our gut reaction to the holes in the edit inform what we made next.”

Viewers were taken on an emotional journey as varied and multi-faceted as experiencing love itself, Love is many things, which is why Block & Tackle used a multitude of images were featured in the fast, frenetic and energetic sequence–amounted to nothing less than an explosion of stunningly eclectic imagery. From big bears fighting to flocks of birds flying, from flashing lights to the stars at night, from a passionate kiss to a jellyfish, the video wove together over 240 originally created shots — both animated and real — with the names of the F5 speakers prominently featured.

“I feel like the names being huge and really in your face — it just fits with the edit and doesn’t actually distract from the visuals much at all, You still get a clear sense of the narrative.” says Co-Founder and Creative Director Ted Kotsaftis.

The opening sequence’s music, an original track created by Fall On Your Sword, a film and commercial music production house located in Brooklyn, New York, was a crucial component of the video. Block & Tackle gave Fall On Your Sword a short proof of concept from which it could work in crafting the sequence’s music. The result was just as eclectic and emotionally resonant and the imagery it accompanies. Block & Tackle also cut short intros out of the overall edit for each of the speakers, including the likes of Parker Posey, Antfood, Brannon Braga, Patrick Claire and Sonar.
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Produced and Directed by Block & Tackle
Music by Fall On Your Sword