Yearly Archives: 2015

Advertising  //  10.26.15
Matt_Lenski_m & Sciences is pleased to announce the addition of director Matt Lenski to its roster for US representation.

Hallmarks of Lenski’s work are the …

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Advertising  //  10.25.15

I have seen this ad going around since last week, but I have not watched it until now because I thought it would be just …

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Advertising  //  10.22.15

Actors T.J. Miller and Thomas Middleditch join SMIRNOFF® Vodka on Epic Cross-country Road Trip to Show Good Times are More Fun when Everyone is …

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Advertising  //  10.19.15

Hudson’s Bay Company History Foundation enlists Man in Motion Rick Hansen to help celebrate Canada’s history

The second installment of the Country of Adventurers history …

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Portfolio  //  10.18.15

Glossy partnered with NYC-based Piro and Chipotle to promote the brand’s popular Boorito promotion. We had previously partnered with both in January 2014 on Farmed …

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Portfolio  //  10.07.15

Glossy worked with LA-based Community Films to promote its latest heartfelt spot for Cheerios via Saatchi & Saatchi New York. The spot, called “Grandpa,” is …

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Advertising  //  10.05.15

Here’s another heartfelt spot for Cheerios that, unless you are made of stone, will make you cry.

It’s created by Saatchi & Saatchi New York …

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Branded Entertainment  //  10.05.15

CHIPOTLE says “unnecessary” ADDITIVES are creepy for this year’s boorito fundraiser

Customers are invited to add something “unnecessary” to their costumes to score a $3 …

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