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//  04.27.16

The Trump Clause Offers a Way Out in the Event of the Unthinkable

After Tuesday’s US primary & caucus vote, many people may now be looking for a way out come November.

With a huge delegate lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, the increasing possibility of a Trump presidency has many people concerned and even thinking of packing-up and leaving the country for Canada.

According to Google Trends, searches for “How can I move to Canada?” spiked upwards of 1,150% after Trump’s win during Super Tuesday in March.

To make the prospect as painless as possible for people eager to avoid a potential Trump presidency, a new escape clause has been created: The Trump Clause.

The Trump Clause is a series of free, safeguard legal clauses that people can use in their personal, professional and business affairs to protect themselves in the event Trump wins the White House.

“Sometimes life doesn’t quite work out the way you want it to. When that happens you have to consider alternatives. In the case of the U.S. Presidential race, the Trump Clause is a creative alternative for those seeking peace of mind,” says Canadian immigration lawyer Andy J. Semotiuk who works with Pace Law Firm in Toronto.

The Trump Clause is made up of 10 different clauses, each created and chosen based on data analytics of the most popular and relevant conversations currently being discussed in social media.

There’s a clause for people who are taking a new job in the U.S. and want their expenses covered both ways if they quit. There’s another for people who are buying a new house in the U.S. and want the seller to pay them back half the forthcoming depreciation amount. There’s even one to get you out of a long-distance relationship with someone living in the U.S.

More legal clauses are planned for release, based on public feedback.  The creative agency on the project is Grey Canada.

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The 10 clauses currently available on are:

I’m taking a new job in the US. I want my moving
expenses covered both ways if I quit.

My job with my current employer is transferring to the US.
I want an escape clause to come home.

My company is currently expanding to the US.
I want my start-up costs fully reimbursed.

My company exports from the US. I want a government subsidy
to cover my forthcoming decrease in global sales.

I’m a US diplomat in a foreign country that’s been repeatedly
insulted. I want 24-hour high security protection.

I’m a legally landed immigrant in the US. I want my new
application fee to now immigrate to Canada paid for.

I’m buying a new house in the US. I want the seller to
pay me back half the forthcoming depreciation amount.

I want to write off vacations outside the US for the next
four years as a medical expense to keep my sanity.

My long-distance boyfriend/girlfriend lives in the US. I want an
out clause for a guilt-free, no-questions-asked break up.

I live in Britain, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Iran, Saudi Arabia or
the State of New Jersey. I want a handwritten POTUS apology.