The Most Wonderful Holiday Video

//  12.22.17

Toronto agency The Garden (creators of Tell America it’s Great) are at it again with a short video that turns a rather negative political narrative into a very positive holiday message and reminds us all that no matter how bad things get, you can always find a way to turn into something positive.

“For every bit of negativity in the world, there’s always something positive that can be taken from it,” says Shane Ogilvie, Co-Founder, The Garden. “We made this holiday video as a symbolic reminder that we have the power to change anything that isn’t working or doesn’t feel right. We can change the narrative. And no matter how big a problem seems, we can always find a way to make it better. That’s what The Garden’s all about.”

The video is being shared with the agency’s clients and partners in lieu of a holiday card, all in the in the spirit of bringing a smile to people’s faces as they come to the end of another hectic year.

About The Garden
The Garden is a creative company, headquartered in Toronto, who believes that brands need to start focusing less on the impressions they buy and more on the impressions they make. Through the development of a strong strategic foundation and a holistic approach to creative problem solving and design, The Garden helps companies uncover the ‘why’ in what they do, with the goal of making every connection point an opportunity to build stronger, more lasting relationships with their customers.