The Ugly Sweater Passport

//  12.06.21



Introducing the Ugly Sweater Passport.

Yes, you can now display your vaccination QR code on a custom sweater.

We’ve all heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but now there’s a way to wear your vaccination status on their chest—in the form of a sweater. Yes, really.

‘Tis the season for merriment and celebration, but getting into a pub or restaurant for a celebratory eggnog these days means first you first have to prove that you’re fully vaccinated. That can mean holding up people eager to get their celebration started as you frantically scroll through your screenshots to find your vaccination passport.

Surely there’s a better (and maybe even warmer) way? Well, The Hive has come to the rescue. Putting its own celebratory twist on the popular “Ugly Sweater” craze, the Toronto creative agency has created the “Ugly Sweater Passport.”

Each of the one-of-a-kind sweaters will feature the wearer’s vaccination status, which is displayed as a QR code cleverly incorporated into the sweater design.

“The vaccine code is so cold and government-y,” said Mitch Duesling, Associate Creative Director, The Hive. “We felt the Ugly Sweater Passport was a nice way to add some classic holiday fun and joy into the COVID holiday season.”

Anyone wishing to receive one of the custom-made limited-edition sweaters can visit to find out how. The sweaters are also being given to all The Hive’s employees and to any of their clients who wish to receive one.

“We were excited at the prospect of bringing a bit of joy back to the holidays, said Jared Stein. President & CEO, The Hive. “When we thought back to what the holidays looked and felt like in 2020, we couldn’t help but see an opportunity to have a little fun and maybe even bring a smile to people’s faces.”

The QR code on the sweater will scan, and will show the wearer’s name and date of birth, but it is not a replacement for official government documentation.




Title: Ugly Sweater Passport

Agency: The Hive, Toronto
Chief Creative Officer: Simon Creet
Associate Creative Director: Mitch Duesling
Associate Creative Director: Naeem Walji
Art Director: Yana Vorontsov
Project Manager: Sam Brown

Production Company: Makers
Executive Producer: Roma Ahi
Producer: Andrew Stokes

Video: Kevin Burke
Photographer: Kyle Mack

Print Production Company: Freshly Baked Tees