Introducing The Inlaws Audio House

//  10.03.22
Left to right: Spencer Hall, Tom Hutch, Rob James

Left to right: Spencer Hall, Tom Hutch, Rob James

Canadian audio production veterans Spencer Hall and Tom Hutch have launched a new audio house named The Inlaws Audio House.

Specializing in both creating original music and imaginative sound design, Inlaws also helps find and direct exceptional voice talent, bringing commercial projects to life by applying an inspired artistic aesthetic.

A highly sought-after voice director, composer and engineer, Hall’s work can be heard on a wide assortment of projects, including award-winning documentaries and multinational ad campaigns, as well as songs and albums from a variety of indie artists. His credits include the Cannes Gold Lion winning “Moms Demand Action” public awareness campaign on gun control, and Sony’s “Kaz — Pushing the Virtual Divide.”

A music licensing specialist, Inlaws’ executive producer and music supervisor Hutch has worked on several well-known TV properties, including the critically acclaimed Orphan Black and the Gemini Award-winning dramedy Being Erica. He has also amassed an impressive body of advertising work for high-profile brands including McDonald’s, Bell, and Tim Hortons.

The two founding partners—and actual brothers-in-law—are supported by music producer Rob James, a Grammy- and Juno-nominated writer and producer, and SOCAN Top Airplay award winner whose work can be heard in film and TV projects including HGTV’s Property Brothers and The Food Network’s Carnival Eats, as well as in commercial projects such as the current Harvey’s jingle.

“After working together at multiple Toronto audio houses, we decided it was time to take our creativity-first approach and build an audio company around that,” said Hall. “We’ve been co-workers for 15 years at this point, and Rob has been there as a music writing partner for much of that time. We have a winning formula, and it’s one we want to see grow and flourish in the Toronto advertising community.”

Inlaws has already contributed original music, sound design and mixing for several projects, including The Vanity’s self-promo “Monster Mayhem”; reimagining the classic jingle “Harvey’s makes your hamburger…a beautiful thing”, while also providing voice direction, sound design and mixing for their campaign, “67 Million Sandwiches in One”; and casting, voice direction, sound design, music and mixing for the Turkey Farmers of Canada’s “Vegetables Love Turkey” campaign.

“We’ve seen firsthand how business interests can derail the fun and creativity required to make great work, and we want to avoid that,” said Hutch. “We make amazing sounding things, and as long as we can continue doing that and pay the bills, it’s a win for us. Maybe some cool hats, too. No idea is too wild.”

View Inlaws’ Reel.

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