From Love to Bingo

//  07.17.12

We love this spot. What’s not to love?

We worked with Cisma (director) and AlmapBBDO to promote this amazing spot for Getty Images. Over 5000 images were researched and 873 make up the final one minute film. Cisma called it a “labour of love”.

Here’s some of the traction it garnered: FastCompany’s Co.Create, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, Digital Arts, Adweek, Buzz Feed, Ads of the World, PetaPixel, designboom, AdRants, Simply Zesty, AdHugger, IT World, AdLand, The Technology Cafe, Business Insider, PSFK, Fubiz, The Atlantic.

At the time of this post, it was just shy of 3 million views. It also won a Bronze Lion in Cannes (2012).

Full press release.