Open’s Magical Toy Book

//  12.10.13

Toronto-based creative shop Open has utilized augmented reality to bring Toys“R”Us, Canada’s holiday Toy Book to life.

The Toys“R”Us 64-page Toy Book is a magical catalogue filled with this year’s hottest toys and gadgets. In fact, it’s the biggest and most magical Toy Book ever and it’s here to help parents and gift givers find the perfect toy by giving them a ticket into Toys”R”Us’ holiday toy town. This year the Toy Book is even more magical as the book’s cover comes to life with vibrant animation and sound via the use of augmented reality.

Toronto-based creative agency Open imagined and designed the magical holiday toy town featured on the cover of the book. By utilizing augmented reality technology, a little bit of modern day magic was incorporated into the cover to help bring the holiday toy town to life and show readers how the toys themselves celebrate the holidays.

By using the free Toys”R”Us Magic app, users need only hold their smartphone over the cover of the Toy Book to watch the magical scene come to life on their screens. The animated and interactive Toy Town scene features twinkling trees, families making merry in their homes, a choo-choo train that happily chugs its way around snow-covered tracks and a hot air balloon floating in the sky, all amidst gently falling snowflakes. It’s accompanied by a fun ambient soundtrack that uses children’s voices to create the ambient sounds, from the choo-choo train to the blowing wind, to add even more of a festive feel to the experience.

“The holidays are obviously the most magical time of the year and what better way to generate excitement around the Toys“R”Us Toy Book than by using a bit of modern magic to bring the inhabitants of the toy town to life,” says Martin Beauvais, Partner, Creative at Open.

“It makes the Toy Book a much more powerful and memorable experience on top of it being a valuable resource for parents and gift givers and the basis for many a holiday wish list.” Adds Christian Mathieu, Partner, Strategy at Open.

Destined for 7 million homes and filled with more toys than ever, this year marked Toys “R”Us, Canada’s biggest holiday Toy Book ever. The Toy Book is currently in market and will be available all the way through the holiday season.


Agency: Open
Partner, Creative: Martin Beauvais
Partner, Strategy: Christian Mathieu
Project Lead: Christine Macdonald
Art Direction: Jessica Carter
Writing: Kate Thorneloe
Clay Artist: Kira Shaimanova
Digital Development: Pixel Pusher
Creative Production: Lunch
Sound Design: Apollo Studio