The 150 Logo

//  12.12.13

Canada is turning 150 this year. Recently published an article showcasing and exploring five logos currently in development by the Federal Government for the country’s 150th anniversary, via a report prepared for the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Ibraheem Youssef, my good friend and a graphic designer who has been working in the field of design for 14 years, was appalled by the quality and standard of the designs being presented. He found that sentiment was also shared by many other designers like himself.

As cries of protest and disgust started to fill the digital airwaves via Facebook and twitter, Youssef decided to do something about it. He went forth and contacted a group of esteemed, professional and award winning Canadian graphic designers and art directors and challenged them to create something better than what is currently being circulated in the media.

The response was very positive and supportive and he’s created to showcase the culmination of their collective efforts.

“The whole purpose of this activity is to prove that good design does exist in Canada,” says Youssef. “As Canadian designers we believe that Canada deserves better than what is being offered.”

If you are a Canada designer and you’d like to contribute to the project, contact Ibraheem Youssef at

The image below was created by Jonathan Mutch, a graphic designer at Toronto-based John st. Below that are the five designs that sparked the creation of

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Below are the five logos unveiled by the Canadian Government earlier this month (barf).