UK duo GoshDamn Joins Someplace Nice

//  01.31.24
GoshDamn (left to right): Dan Vallint-Riggs and Josh Lawson

GoshDamn (left to right): Dan Vallint-Riggs and Josh Lawson

Toronto-based production company Someplace Nice has signed directing team GoshDamn (Josh Lawson and Dan Vallint-Riggs) for Canadian representation.

The UK-based team specializes in elevating human stories with dynamic camera work, authentic storytelling and energetic performances.

This aesthetic draws on Josh and Dan’s individual strengths as directors. Josh’s art school vibe is evident in the framing and pacing of the pair’s work, while Dan’s strength as a narrative storyteller, along with Josh’s talent for casting, deliver strong performance work.

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The convergence of these points of view can be seen in work for Greenpeace and Toyota, for example. In “The Big Plastic Count” for Greenpeace, a spot encouraging Britons to track their plastic use, a unique visual style and rapid camera transitions unify the narrative. In their Webby Awarded campaign for Toyota x Olympics, meanwhile, a strong narrative of athletes overcoming adversity is enlivened by deft camera work.

Work like this is what drew Someplace Nice to GoshDamn. “Their work is visually distinctive, bold and contemporary. We love the rhythmic pacing and flow, the cinematic lensing, framing and colouring, and all the design choices injected throughout their work,” says partner and executive producer Chilo Fletcher.

“Those choices invoke a sensorial viewing experience that is both visceral and fun,” adds owner and executive producer Estelle Weir.

The pair’s catalogue of commercials includes work for Google, Greenpeace, Barbour, Honda, Toyota and Netflix.