The Canadian Dream

//  06.06.17


Chevrolet’s latest campaign, “The Canadian Dream,” is a national multi-platform bilingual campaign which is just the beginning of a new brand platform and overall direction for the Chevrolet brand in Canada.

“Chevrolet has been in Canada for more than a century,” said Laura Pacey, Brand Director, Chevrolet Canada. “It has always been important for us to understand and respond to the uniqueness and diversity that Canada has to offer, through our products, marketing and most importantly our community initiatives. This new brand platform is designed to ensure that we are putting the effort where it needs to be, not by us simply doing what we think they want, but by asking everyday Canadians how we can contribute to the all-important collective progress and help them uncover their very own personal Canadian Dream.”

At the centre of the campaign is this 2-minute spot (above), created by Commonwealth//McCann Canada, and directed by Soft Citizen’s Co.Lab (who are repped by Arts & Sciences in the US). To create the spot, the directorial duo set off on a month-long journey across the country to capture stories of everyday Canadians, from all walks of life and all ethnicities, on a mission of discovery to uncover what is their Canadian Dream.

The two-minute long form video is being be broadcast on TV and air in theatres, fitness networks and on Chevrolet Canada social channels. In addition, 60 and 30 second TV spots are airing on high high profile TV stations including sports, news and prime-time programming across Canada. The campaign will be further amplified in digital takeovers, on-line banners, newspaper, POP and more. All communications are driving Canadians to where they will have the opportunity to view more stories from the tour and be encouraged to share their own.

“The campaign was inspired from some of our findings in McCann’s 2016 Truth About Canadians study that we conducted in partnership with IPSOS,” said Mary Chambers, Chief Strategy Officer, McCann Canada. “The study uncovered that Canadians strive for the Canadian Dream, but that dream is distinctly Canadian and not what you would expect. It is made up of individual success, care for others, respect for the system and of course in a country as diverse and unique as ours, individualism. It says we can make it on our own and together it is about collective progress not solely individual success. The Canadian dream is what drives, unites, and excites us, and as something that is extremely important to Canada, Chevrolet wants to help uncover and ultimately support that, which is important to everyday Canadians.”

Client: Chevrolet
Title: “The Canadian Dream”
Agency: McCann Toronto
Chief Creative Officer: Darren Clarke
Executive Creative Director: Josh Stein
Art Directors: Nick Noh, Erikson Melton, Paisley McCrory, Li Cai Copywriter: Binoy Zuarte, Osman Rahmani
Strategist: Mary Chambers
Account Team: Calvin Daniels, Mark Dicks, Scott Milson, Daniel Ehman, Tommy Chan, Stephanie Conley
Agency Producers: Sarah Michener, Emily McKay

Director: Co.Lab
Production Company: Soft Citizen
Executive Producers: Eva Preger, Link York
Head of Production: Rob Burns
Line Producer: Kelly King
Director of Photography: Norm Li
Post Production: Saints
Editor: Danica Pardo
Fort York VFX