The Garden for TMX Group

//  10.18.17


The Garden’s new campaign for TMX Group shows the future through a female lens and turns traditional business cliches on their head.

Toronto-based creative shop The Garden (Tell America it’s Great) has created a new global marketing campaign for TMX Group, who offers access to Canada’s capital markets through the country’s biggest ecosystem of exchanges including Toronto Stock Exchange, Montreal Exchange, Venture Exchange.

The new brand campaign, “The Future is Yours to See,” highlights how the business world is changing. From artificial intelligence to self-driving cars to data-driven insights and predictions, the future is unfolding right before our eyes. The campaign demonstrates TMX’s understanding of that future, and positions them as an innovative, technology-driven organization that can help companies and entrepreneurs realize their visions and define their own futures.

“With TMX’s strong belief in the importance of gender equality and leadership in the workplace, and given the current business climate that continues to struggle with female representation, we felt it was important to ensure that a forward-looking campaign showed the future through an inclusive lens,” says Shari Walczak, Co-Founder of The Garden. “This was directly reflected in both our launch video as well as one of our hero OOH executions.”

The overall writing tone in the OOH was intended to take traditional business cliches and turn them on their head, signalling the end of the “old way” of doing things and offering a fresh perspective on where the world of business is going.

“The team at The Garden have been invaluable partners in helping to define TMX Group’s new brand vision and develop a truly differentiated marketing approach that resonates with our diverse clients and stakeholders,” says Alison Simpson, SVP Marketing & Brand for TMX Group. “Right from the RFP process, it was clear The Garden is unique amongst their peers. Their highly collaborative and thoughtful approach, combined with the caliber of their strategic and creative talents and ability to go beyond advertising to develop powerful marketing solutions is impressive. I’m very proud of the work we’ve done together and look forward to a successful long-term partnership.”

More info on the campaign is below. Credits are at the bottom of the page.


Press release from TMX Group on the campaign:

TMX Group Launches New Brand Campaign “THE FUTURE IS YOURS TO SEE”

TMX Group has launched a new global marketing campaign, designed to celebrate progress and breakthrough achievement in today’s continuously-evolving business landscape and to highlight the important role TMX plays in connecting visionary clients to a limitless world of opportunity.

The culmination of a transformational journey which began in November 2014, TMX’s new campaign brings to life a fresh and differentiated approach to marketing within the financial industry that aligns with TMX’s new direction and corporate strategy. The inspiring campaign features thought-provoking messages across digital and high-profile media installations which serve to highlight the company’s role in helping a broad spectrum of clients, including investors and companies across various industries achieve their goals. The campaign will continue over the next few months.

“This is a proud day for TMX, as we unveil a dynamic and powerful new brand identity that reflects our focus on the future and brings our company’s unified strategic mission to life for the first time in our history,” said Lou Eccleston, Chief Executive Officer, TMX Group. “The new TMX is focused on the future, poised to seize on our positive momentum in the marketplace and in continuous pursuit of new ways to help convert the aspirations of our domestic and global client base into game-changing successes.”

In creating The Future Is Yours to See, TMX undertook a company-wide branding exercise, led by Alison Simpson, SVP Marketing & Brand, TMX Group, to define the themes that best illustrate the full scope of TMX’s role in the marketplace. Research conducted with a wide set of stakeholders revealed the opportunity to bring meaning to the TMX brand and to build awareness of the many ways TMX represents and advocates for progress in Canada’s capital markets.

“Business today is changing faster than ever before and creating boundless opportunities,” said Ms. Simpson. “Our campaign celebrates TMX’s impactful role in empowering the ideas of tomorrow, fueling opportunity and driving progress in new and compelling ways. At TMX, truly, The Future is Yours to See.”

About TMX Group (TSX-X)
TMX Group’s key subsidiaries operate cash and derivative markets and clearinghouses for multiple asset classes including equities, fixed income and energy. Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, TSX Alpha Exchange, The Canadian Depository for Securities, Montréal Exchange, Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation, NGX, Shorcan, Shorcan Energy Brokers, AgriClear and other TMX Group companies provide listing markets, trading markets, clearing facilities, depository services, data products and other services to the global financial community. TMX Group is headquartered in Toronto and operates offices across Canada (Montréal, Calgary and Vancouver), in key U.S. markets (New York, Houston) as well as in London, Beijing and Singapore. For more information about TMX Group, visit our website at Follow TMX Group on Twitter: @TMXGroup.

About The Garden
The Garden is a creative company, headquartered in Toronto, that believes that brands need to start focusing less on the impressions they buy and more on the impressions they make. Through the development of a strong strategic foundation and a holistic approach to creative problem solving and design, The Garden helps companies uncover the ‘why’ in what they do, with the goal of making every connection point an opportunity to build stronger, more lasting relationships with their customers.

Campaign Title: “The Future is Yours to See”
Client: TMX Group
Alison Simpson – Senior Vice President Marketing, Communications & Brand

Agency: The Garden
Creative Director: Shane Ogilvie
Strategy Director: Shari Walczak
Strategists: Darla Miazdyck, Sarah Phillips
Art Director: Grant Cleland
Copywriters: Sean Atkinson, Erin Beaupre
Project Cultivator: Jessica Lax
Design Director: Omar Morson
Designer: Adriana Mahalean
Director of Visual Media: Jamie Morren
Print Producer: Kari Macknight Dearborn
Broadcast Producer: Melanie Lambertsen
Editor: Brett Erina

Post House: The Vanity

Audio House: Pirate Radio & Television
Director, Composer: Chris Tait
Sound Engineer: Keith Ohman
Producer: Lauren Davies

Media: Wills & co
Jeff Wills
Dave Fernandes