Whiskas Cat Calm Radio

//  09.12.18

To celebrate Take Your Cat to the Vet Day (August 22), Glossy partnered with the makers of WHISKAS® and BBDO Toronto to promote Cat Calm Radio, a radio station broadcasting music designed to have a calming effect on your cat on the way to the vet.

Despite the curious nature of cats, most get seriously stressed out in the car. This stress on both the cat and owner means cats visit the veterinarian much less often than dogs; contributing to an array of health problems that can develop going unchecked. Broadcasting online at CatCalmRadio.com the station plays a continuous stream of music created by species-specific musician David Teie. Read the press release.

This project received 257 million media impressions. Check out some of the coverage: CTV News, Mental Floss, Simplemost, Daily Wire, Alternative Press9Gag, Funny 1060AM, The Catington Post, Cat Daily News, CatCon Worldwide, Pet Coach, The Conscious Cat, Kitten ToobAdweek, Editor’s Pick on Creativity, StrategyApplied Arts, Trend Hunter, Cheezburger.