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//  10.01.18


New Content Studio HeydSaffer Launches in Toronto

The new production-centric agency aims to serve the changing landscape of the industry.

Cynthia Heyd, founder of Heyd & Seek, and Kevin Saffer, founder of Touchpoint Films, are joining forces to form HeydSaffer, a production-centric shop designed to help advertising agencies, PR companies, and brands creatively and strategically produce content as the marketing landscape evolves, putting the value of production back into the creative planning and execution process.

Heyd, a 25-year veteran of TV, digital, radio, web content, and new media projects, says the company aims to work closely with brands looking to get the most of out their budgets by bringing production thinking to the creative process earlier. “We want to support and augment brands with the right expertise. That’s not just execution; it’s strategic thinking and planning for brands without production departments. We help them vertically integrate without having to hire full-time staff.”

The new company marries Heyd & Seek’s brand, social content, production and animation expertise with Touchpoint’s experience in film, digital and experiential work and is a direct response to how the needs of brands and agencies are changing.

“We all know that marketing models are being disrupted and that dollars need to be stretched further than before,” Heyd adds. “Production budgets need to be flexible and the process must be scalable. We are able to help clients produce the content they need by bringing in the right, experienced talent for the job without having to call multiple vendors.”

While production is the focus, the pair stress that HeydSaffer is not a typical production house, and does not represent a traditional roster of directors. Instead, they collaborate with free agents, allowing them to assemble the necessary skill sets for any project. “There is certainly a space in the market for the companies that are there now. We’re looking to fill the gap in clients’ needs. We like to think of ourselves as a special-ops team for our clients,” says Heyd.

Saffer says the flexibility of HeydSaffer is appealing to the talent pool, which is also shifting according to industry changes. “We really strive to bring the best possible resources to every job we do,” he says. “And we’re finding that a lot of creative talent is beginning to shift away from current industry models, and working freelance allows them to take on different types of work.”

HeydSaffer produces all forms of content from social videos and pre-roll to experiential videos, broadcast spots, animation, scripted content, documentaries, digital content, stills and long format.

If this approach seems familiar, it’s because it is. Heyd & Seek was set up in 2014 to meet the same need in the marketplace, and Touchpoint films has been operating since 2012. During their years working together as Head of Production and Director of content at TAXI advertising, Heyd and Saffer discovered a mutual passion for creative problem solving, a love of storytelling regardless of the medium, and a desire to help clients grow their business.

“This move is about bringing our shared experiences together,” Heyd says. “A client can make one call and know they can get the experience they need.”

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