Alter Ego Creates Explosive VFX for RBC

//  05.02.19

Partnering with L.A. based agency Battery and Creativity’s Production Company of the Year MJZ, alter ego led the post production on this visually stunning and post-heavy ad.

The spot follows three young heroes as they demonstrate the power of their potential and their ability to impact the world around them through different energetic moments – exploding trees, piano keys, and city lights shattering in their wake.

The early collaboration between alter ego, MJZ owner and director Rocky Morton and Battery allowed alter ego to maximize the creative and contribute more to the overall vision. From pre production, on set supervision, through to final delivery, alter ego took every opportunity to push the visual effects, bringing the spot to life.

Each fraction of a moment in time needed to be extended as long as possible and shooting on phantom at 2500 frames per second was not only captivating but allowed for an increased level of detail in their CG. Each scene is filled with an array of flying CG and practically shot objects: giant logs, boulders and brush, exploding piano keys and street lights, levitating cars and highly detailed matte paintings for environment replacement. All of which helped support and represent the inherent potential within youth and their ability to impact the world around them. Over seven weeks alter ego’s team of modellers, animators, lighters, compositors and colourists worked continuously to bring both Battery’s and Rocky’s vision to life. And not a single frame was untouched.

Credits are posted below the VFX breakdown video below.

Client: RBC⁣
Agency: Battery
Chief Creative Officer: Phil Khosid⁣
Executive Creative Director: Scott Brown⁣
Copywriter: Joe Shands⁣
Agency Producer: Jeff Yee⁣
Production House: MJZ⁣
Director: Rocky Morton⁣
DOP: Jess Halli⁣
Editor: Jason Lewis ⁣
Colour & VFX: alter ego⁣
Sr. Colourist: Eric Whipp⁣
Colour Assistant: James Graham⁣
VFX Artists: Andrew Thiessen ⁣/ Sebastian Boros / Eric Perrella⁣
3D Artists: Jerry Corda-Stanley / Rafael Fernandez-Stoll⁣ / Gabriel Madariaga⁣ / Irina Pivkina ⁣
Exec. Post Producer: Hilda Pereira
Post Producer: Julie Neff⁣
Audio: John Bolen, Formosa Studios

Visual Effects