Undivided Creative Adds Mark Binks to its Roster

//  01.18.24


Toronto production company Undivided Creative has added acclaimed photographer Mark Binks, a self-described “retired skateboarder,” “#1 dog lover,” “fish taco connoisseur,” and “comedy geek,” to its roster.

In a segment of the industry largely defined by serious poses and moody stares, Binks is recognized for a singular style combining playfulness and energy with highly visual storytelling.

Possessing the ability to combine portraiture and lifestyle with a colourful aesthetic, he excels at creating work that feels fresh, electric, and representative of the style sought after by today’s clients.

Over the course of his career, Binks has brought his distinct sense of style and vision to a diverse array of brands including Clairol, E.L.F. Cosmetics, Onlia, Well.ca, Lego, Toys R Us. His work has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Best Health Magazine, and DTK Men Magazine.

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Binks showed an early interest in photography during family trips to the U.K. as a young boy, where he was captivated by the images contained in magazines such as The Face, i-D, and Dazed. His career in photography was shaped by film studies, where he earned degrees from the University of Toronto and what is now Toronto Metropolitan University.

His visual style was molded and shaped by a range of eclectic influences, including ‘90s hip-hop videos, the bold colours of cartoons, and the sense of movement and rebellion so prominent in skateboard videos.

“What we love about Mark is his ability to inject a large amount of energy and life into the smallest of moments,” says Nikki Ormerod, co-founder of Undivided Creative. “His studio work is something to behold, influenced by the art that inspires him, and has elevated him above the crowd and set him apart from everything that’s being done right now.

“Mark is not only an amazing artist who perfectly reflects our ethos, but boasts a remarkable and collaborative personality that makes him a joy to work with.”

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