Wine Drinking Gifs Just Got More Diverse

//  04.22.21

Glossy Partnered with Bensimon Byrne on this amazing initiative for Jackson-Triggs that aims to make wine culture more diverse.

The issue – when you search wine gifs online you won’t see a person of colour, the LGBTQ+ community or the disable community. Bensimon Byrne and Jackson-Triggs, the number 1 wine brand in Canada, set out to change online culture to reflect the real world.

They made gifs as diverse as the people who drink wine. They created 200 gifs that matched the top GIPHY wine searches. At the time of this post, the gifs have had 250 million views (99.98% organic), and 7 million shares. They have brought a diverse wine world into pop culture. The gifs are generating 10 million views a week and hundreds of thousands of shares without paid media.

The campaign was featured as an Editor’s Pick on AdAge.



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