AI  //  08.08.23

The feeling of driving the new Audi Q8 e-tron is artfully envisioned by A.I.

Bensimon Byrne and 1stAveMachine create a first-of-its-kind test-drive with supermodel Coco …

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Automotive  //  10.19.22

Running on Crave and YouTube, ‘Mushroom’ was made possible by power from the automaker’s electric vehicles

Ford Canada wants to bring its ongoing efforts to …

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Automotive  //  04.22.22

Volkswagen is cutting their digital carbon footprint for #DayToZero

Websites play a crucial role in the automotive purchase journey, but our combined online activity—from web …

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Automotive  //  03.31.20

RCLUB emphasizes the emotional aspect of high-performance driving

New work from Smaller Agency and Someplace Nice showcases traditional sports car elements, but adds a crucial …

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Automotive  //  09.12.18

Land Rover revisits Canadians’ epic journey for 70th anniversary celebration

Three-minute video produced by Wonder Screen for Spark44 celebrates Robert Bateman and Bristol Foster’s 14-month …

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Automotive  //  11.08.17

BMW Takes ‘The Road Home’ for Holiday Campaign

Latest work from KBS showcases the nostalgia of holiday travel

With millions of Americans preparing to hit …

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Automotive  //  09.25.17
Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 5.01.50 PM

Cadillac Canada has partnered with renowned Toronto chocolate maker Brandon Olsen on a direct mail campaign that puts a decadent twist on the standard test …

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Automotive  //  08.09.17

Mitsubishi’s 100th Anniversary Campaign Celebrates a Century of Kaizen

Imagine dedicating a century to perfecting one thing, and just how close to perfection you could …

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