Automotive  //  03.06.17

Mercedes-Benz has launched the most extensive content creation in the history of the brand. “Grow Up.” features the five models of the compact-car family and …

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Automotive  //  11.30.16

Volvo Car Canada Ltd. have launched the Thoughtful Test Drive campaign, created by GREY Canada, in partnership with United Way Centraide. Volvo Canada will make …

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Advertising  //  05.05.16

Subaru Inspires All to Get Out and See a Star-Filled Sky

Many people have never beheld the majesty of a starry sky, one of …

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Advertising  //  06.17.15

Volvo’s new XC60 was released with 60 new car feature innovations. The target audience for the vehicle were young professionals and families who were very …

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Advertising  //  05.27.15

Shiro Ohta, chairman, president and CEO of Subaru Canada, Inc. shakes hands with Steve Carli, president of Red Urban (pictured from left to right). Subaru Canada …

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Advertising  //  04.30.15

 The 1% live in chateaus, they date supermodels and they collect supercars. It might be next to impossible to live like the 1%, but it’s …

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Advertising  //  03.17.14

Red Urban is chosen as Porsche Cars Canada’s Creative Agency of Record.

Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. announced today that following an extensive five-month review involving …

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Advertising  //  02.12.14

A Volkswagen Beetle Goes Around The World Three Times. And That’s Just The Beginning.

Great stories often begin with an unlikely duo, setting out into …

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Advertising  //  01.06.14

Everyone has loved a car once, no? I loved VW Cabriolet that I named Joey. He sacrificed himself to save my life on an icy …

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Advertising  //  09.04.13

Red Urban sees their global role – and a few bellies – expand with new work for Volkswagen Germany.

How does one introduce a …

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