It’s a Lively Group

//  09.26.12

New York City-based digital, interactive and creative post-production studios Spontaneous, BlueRock, Blast, Motive, Ballistic and Scarlett have branded under the new parent company name, Lively Group.

Lively Group works as a hybrid independent/interdependent company model that seamlessly integrates editorial, design, VFX, CG, audio, finishing and digital/interactive capabilities across today’s entire media spectrum. By fostering a creatively focused and supportive environment, its artists and producers are able to nimbly respond to clients’ needs by providing an all-in-one or highly specialized project solution.

“The Lively Group is made up of people who constantly challenge themselves to reach beyond their comfort zone – to take chances and break new ground. Our unique company model has allowed us to stay in sync with the future,” states Owner/CEO Ethel Rubinstein.

What started out as a small editorial shop has now evolved into six integrated companies staffed and managed by some of the advertising and entertainment industry’s leading designers, editors, producers, CG artists, digital strategists and technologists.

“Today’s creative on the fly/technology on demand work-flow plays to our strong suit. That cross hair is the core of our cultural DNA. I often say, we are the ad industry’s standard for the ‘new normal’,” states Roe Bressan President/CMO.

“Our previous umbrella name, Stairway 9, just didn’t fit us,” she adds. “So like Twitter and eBay and other companies in the middle of the media zeitgeist, we took to revitalizing our brand mark. Finding a new moniker that spoke to our brand personality, our highest-level professionalism and ‘bring it on’ attitude became something that the entire staff had a hand in.”

To find the new name, Bressan enlisted Silicon Valley’s Lexicon (PowerBook, Blackberry, On-Star), one of the most influential branding companies in the world. Once Lively Group was chosen, the company turned to their digital offering, Motive, to design and execute the entire portfolio of re-branded collateral.

The result is a responsive website that highlights each of the company offerings in a clear and entertaining way. The Lively Group launch heralds the first step in the complete re-design for each of the individual company websites, which will be completed by the year’s end.

Lively Group is officially certified as a Women-Owned Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).