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//  02.11.13

Left to right: Executive Producer Richard Cureton, President & Founder Irfan Saleemi, Director of Sales Jaime Randle.

A new production company, Brink Studio, has opened in Toronto.

Brink Studio, a new production house with its eye squarely on the bleeding edge of creativity, has opened for business in Toronto. Led by president and founder Irfan Saleemi (centre), executive producer Richard Cureton (left) and director of sales Jaime Randle (right), Brink is a full-service studio with a roster of directing talent that specializes in executing live action, animation and interactive projects from pre-production to post.

The diverse roster is comprised of 10 world-class directors including Toronto-based Jordan Canning, winner of RBC’s Emerging Filmmaker Competition at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, for her short film “Seconds” and director of Brink’s inaugural promo spot, “Cube”.

Notable international talents repped by Brink include Nicole McDonald, a video game designer-turned-director who has created award-winning experiences for brands such as Cirque Du Soleil, Toyota, Unilever/Dove, Motorola, and Volkswagen; Brazilian animation wiz Nando Costa, who has been lead creative at top U.S. design shops such as Super fad, Digital Kitchen and Bent Image Lab; JP Frenay, a cross-disciplinary filmmaker who has worked for Nike, Volkswagen and National Lottery; and Ace Norton, an acclaimed music video and short filmmaker who has worked with Norah Jones, Bloc Party, Aesop Rock and Simian Mobile Disco.

“The mandate for our roster reflects the original ethos of the company: the ‘brink’ of creativity,” says Saleemi. “Another important component is that it is small in size. Our interests lie in presenting an avenue that our directors can express themselves creatively.”

Brink’s inaugural job is a stop-motion promo created by director Canning in collaboration with animator Mike DeCrook, DP Scott McClellan, VFX shop 1188 and Cypher Audio’s John Black. Shot in-house, the dramatic spot recalls the monolith from Stanley Kurbrick’s sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey.

“I wanted to play with the idea of a company being ‘born,’ formed out of a raw material and reshaped into something solid and enduring,” says Canning. “As I experimented with the blocky letters of the Brink logo, I noticed that if I stacked them together a certain way, they began to form a solid cube – this seemingly impenetrable object that could be split open with a powerful enough force. That force, to me, as Brink.”

Brink Studio is the brainchild of Saleemi, the president and CEO of Canada’s premiere photography concessions company Digital Attractions. After eight years in that business, he decided to pursue his long-standing passion in producing commercial, music video and broadcast work that pushes boundaries of art and design. Their team brings a wealth of industry experience, Jaime Randle the founder of Plates Animation who has worked as head of commercial sales for animation studios, including Guru and Silver Rhino. Richard Cureton, the executive producer, is a veteran of 20-years in commercial production has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and musical acts at Spy Films.

Brink is located in the city’s film district, our world-class facilities extend to a rooftop patio and include a client room, an open-concept creative area and an in-house studio equipped to handle live-action shoots.

Brink Studio
13 Polson Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 1A4


Brink Studio Promo Spot Credits

Title: Cube
Production Company: Brink Studios
Director/Writer: Jordan Canning
Producer: Richard Cureton
Director of Photography: Scott McClellan
Stop Motion Animation: Mike DeCroock
Editor/Colourist: Jon Eagan
Visual Effects: Stephen Bosco, 1188 Films
Music and Sound Design: John Black, CypherAudio
Thanks To: Sam Pryse-Phillips, Adam Wilson, Michael Wassif, George Vale


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    Fantastic start. We are looking forward to more great work.

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    Way to go Richrd.
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