New Director’s Showcase 2014

//  06.19.14

Today I attended my favourite part of the Cannes Lions – the Saatchi & Saatchi New Director’s Showcase. 19 works by 19 new directors were screened, and I have to say I really enjoyed this year’s showcase. I always enjoy it, but I found this year’s work to be exceptional.

The showcase was also enhanced by the use of wearable tech – in the form of a wristband that monitored your reaction to the work being screening by the form of a flashing light. The colour spectrum of the light went from blue to red – calm to “aroused” – their word not mine. I stayed on blue or green most of the time, except for the one time I flashed bright red, but I have to admit, at that time I actually zoned out and daydreamed. I’m not telling you what I was thinking about, but everyone around me noticed I was flashing red and I got pretty embarrassed.

Above I’ve posted The Sacred Egg “Jack” for Breach, and below are more of my favs. Watch all the works from the showcase here.

Alberto Belli’s “It’s Not Porn” – very funny and NSFW

Josh Cole’s “Not Giving In” for Rudimental

Kyra & Constantin’s “Rollin’ Wild”

Tripp Crosby’s “Conference Call in Real Life.

Us – The Sunday Times “Icons”

Vania Heymann’s “Walking Contest”