Walking on the Edge

//  11.07.14


As a wide receiver for the Toronto Argonauts, Mike Bradwell isn’t afraid of much – except heights. To support the Canadian Cancer Society’s new signature fundraiser, the Fearless Challenge, Bradwell decided to pledge $2,500 to face his fear of heights by doing the CN Tower EdgeWalk.

Bradwell has met his fundraising goal and now you can see him face his fear of heights, at 116 stories above the ground, as he walks outside and around the circumference of the CN Tower’s main pod. Watch the video above. His pledge video is below.

The Fearless Challenge was created by Toronto-based Lowe Roche.

About the Fearless Challenge

From spiders to heights, to singing in public, no fear is too big or too small to be included in the Fearless Challenge a new online fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.

“The Canadian Cancer Society is committed to creating a world where no Canadian fears cancer, but we are not there yet,” says Susan Drodge, Director of Corporate and Community Partnerships for the Cancer Society in Ontario. “We know that more work needs to be done because a cancer diagnosis is still one of the scariest things a person can face.”

The Fearless Challenge invites people to be fearless in confronting their fears to help those living with cancer do the same.

Participating in the Fearless Challenge is easy. All it takes is three simple steps:
1. Take a picture of film a short video stating the fear you’d like to overcome and for how much, or take a picture that represents your fear,
2. Register at FearlessChallenge.com and ask your friends and family for donations and,
3. Once you’ve hit your fundraising goal, upload a picture or video proving that you’ve faced your fear.

In 2014, more than 191,000 people are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in Canada and more than 76,000 are expected to die from the disease. In spite of these daunting statistics there is good news. More people are surviving cancer than ever before. Today, over 60% of Canadians diagnosed with cancer will survive as compared to only 25% in the 1940s when the Society began funding research.

Money raised through the Fearless Challenge will fund more life-saving cancer research and help patients and their families through support services, ensuring that no one living with cancer has to face it alone.

About the Canadian Cancer Society
Through our mission, the Canadian Cancer Society fights more than 200 different types of cancer on numerous fronts. From cancer prevention activities to advocacy efforts on important issues, we give a voice to cancer patients and their families. We also fund the best research and offer information and support services that are proven to decrease stress and anxiety in patients and caregivers. The work of the Canadian Cancer Society is supported by our volunteers and the generous support the Fearless Challenge and other fundraising campaigns such as Daffodil Month and Relay For Life. To learn more, call 1 888 939-3333 or visit cancer.ca.