Jesus – in a Marketing Meeting

//  02.17.15

1one Makes Stunts Possible

Never-seen before original footage of the historic meeting leading to the biggest advertising stunt of all time.

If you’re stuck planning an epic stunt or brand experience Montreal-based creative production company 1one can help. Their specialty is helping brands and agencies make amazing stunts happen.

To showcase its unique production and post-production offerings, Montreal-based 1one created this promotional video, in partnership with integrated advertising agency lg2, that gives viewers a seat at an iconic brand planning session led by the most famous advertising client of all time, Jesus. The table talk fictitiously reveals how 1One helped the Messiah top his previous branded efforts — no small task when you’re trying to outdo giving sight to the blind or turning water into wine.

1one’s aim every time is to execute stunts that look like they defy the laws of nature. Its portfolio includes branded experiences for a number of renowned ad agency clients, including Ogilvy & Mather, lg2, DenstuBos, Cossette and Taxi, on behalf of some of the biggest brands in the world, including Dove, KLM, Telus, Air Transat, and Cirque du Soleil. Its most recent project, Dove’s “Love Your Curls,” via Ogilvy & Mather Paris, is the fastest spreading campaign in Dove’s history.

Advertising stunts have gone from obscure operations to mainstream media. Clicks and shares are now conventional media measures. Stunts are harder to write, shoot, manage, produce and edit than traditional 30 second television spots. That’s where 1one comes in — ambitious stunt projects are 1one’s only specialty, its foundation, so if there’s anyone out there equipped to help brands “walk on water,” it’s them.

“With the evolution of media, and the viewer becoming more intelligent (and cynical) towards traditional advertising, we need to create stunts that can’t look like anything short of amazing,” says Jean-René Parenteau, executive producer and associate, 1one. “When it comes to doing that, you want an expert, not someone who’s just hoping they can pull it off. This has been our focus for the past five years. Stunts aren’t a new trend for us. It’s what we’ve always done and focused our expertise towards.”

“Between the moment the creative team thinks of an amazing stunt and the moment millions see it and it wins awards, there is a lot of stuff that can go wrong,” adds Philippe Comeau, copywriter, lg2, who wrote the “Jesus” spot. “In fact, very often, reality keeps the stunt from ever being filmed. That is exactly why 1one Production exists. It frees creatives to think of any stunt, the impossible becomes possible.”

1one is considering expanding to include an office in Toronto, but for now that market is served by a representative. In the meantime, the production company will continue to service clients wherever the need arises.

About 1one
1one is a creative production company. What began as a collective of adrenaline junkies obsessed with storytelling has evolved into an agile, full-service model. We don’t just point and shoot. We architect, orchestrate and capture live brand experiences that create an indelible impact on people.
Spot Title: Jesus
Client: 1one Production
Agency: lg2
VP and Creative Director : Marc Fortin
Copywriter: Philippe Comeau
Director: Pierre Dalpé
DOP: Barry Russell
Producer: Jean-René Parenteau
Production House: 1one Production
Music and Sound Design: 1one Production