Experiential  //  11.06.17

Casey House Launches First-Ever HIV+ Eatery in Toronto to Bring Awareness of Stigma

Casey House, Canada’s first and only stand-alone hospital for people living with …

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Automotive  //  09.25.17
Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 5.01.50 PM

Cadillac Canada has partnered with renowned Toronto chocolate maker Brandon Olsen on a direct mail campaign that puts a decadent twist on the standard test …

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Experiential  //  11.01.16

Cineplex Uses TimePlay to Empower Moviegoers and Save Lives

TimePlay, the Voila Foundation, Parachute and OPC with director Fantavious Fritz join forces to create innovative …

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Experiential  //  05.19.16

Salvation Army Holds Open House to Open Eyes to PovertyGrey Canada helps national organization launch spring campaign

The Salvation Army has launched a new awareness-raising …

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Advertising  //  05.05.16

Subaru Inspires All to Get Out and See a Star-Filled Sky

Many people have never beheld the majesty of a starry sky, one of …

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Advertising  //  12.07.15

OAITH and Yellow Brick House Launches “The Window Project,” A Look at Domestic Abuse During the Holidays New Window Display Shows Holidays are Not Happy …

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Advertising  //  08.17.15

A little yodelling, a bit of falsetto and some good old barbershop quartet, these are just some of the many musical easter eggs that reward …

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Advertising  //  06.19.15

Last month I launched Koodo’s new brand platform, Choose Happy, created by Toronto-based Camp Jefferson. The campaign celebrates that Koodo’s customers are the happiest in …

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Advertising  //  05.14.15

The Mad Max: Fury Road Dusty Car Wash. Come in clean. Leave dusty.

To promote Mad Max: Fury Road a piece of downtown Toronto was …

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Advertising  //  02.17.15

1one Makes Stunts Possible

Never-seen before original footage of the historic meeting leading to the biggest advertising stunt of all time.

If you’re stuck planning …

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