Paint a Cat

//  06.19.15

Last month I launched Koodo’s new brand platform, Choose Happy, created by Toronto-based Camp Jefferson. The campaign celebrates that Koodo’s customers are the happiest in Canada (according to JD Power’s ranking of Best in Customer Satisfaction). To showcase this, they created a campaign of small bits of happiness-infused, mobile optimized content built for sharing.

To date to following has been created – 8 spots, 7 Pre roll spots, 5 GIFs created for Happy Hub, 17 music tracks, 58 animations from Mike Perry, 4 installations, 1 Choose Happy Mural, additional 25 animations and 8 games on the Happy Hub.

The Cat Paint game on the happy hub seems to be a favourite (who doesn’t want to paint a cat?), and many people have shared their designs on Koodo’s Facebook page. I’ve shared a few of my favs above.

Koodo and Camp Jefferson will continue to build more happy for this campaign as it goes on. See more of the work from the campaign here.