Save the Pizza!

//  01.09.17


Save the snowy driveway! Save the fish stories! Save everything.

Climate Change is one of humankind’s most daunting challenges. For many years, people have seen the dire predictions of rising sea levels, melting snowcaps, superstorms, forest fires, drought and famine. The enormity of the problem and the enormity of what we need to do as individuals can be overwhelming. It’s also hard to comprehend on a personal and individual level what this means.

The aim of this campaign, created by Toronto’s Bensimon Byrne for Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, is to hyper personalize the impacts of climate change on the people of Ontario. Climate change changes everything. Literally everything is at stake on a personal level.

It’s not just agriculture and the food supply being threatened, it’s your love for pizza-full of ingredients grown in fields across our province.

It’s not just that superstorms will lead to more regular large scale flooding-your basement man cave is at risk.

It’s not just the fish population that’s being threatened-it’s the amazing stories of the one that got away that are at risk.

The scenarios were chosen based on the factual threats to Ontario posed by climate change.
Some examples:

  • The rise in temperature of the Great Lakes, and other inland lakes by 3 to 6 degrees centigrade poses a significant threat to the fish population.
  • Temperature extremes have caused significant crop damage to syrah, sauvignon blanc and merlot grape varieties in Niagara’s wine growing region.
  • Severe summer storms causing flood damage in excess of $100 million have become more frequent.

Each execution brings a personal consequence of climate change to light. And everyone will be impacted, from kids to grandparents and everyone in between. That’s why the campaign reflects a very diverse range of target groups.

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Campaign Title: Save The Everything
Client: Government of Ontario, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Product: Climate Change

Agency: Bensimon Byrne
Creative Director: David Rosenberg / Joseph Bonnici
Art Director: Chris Brown
Writer: Matt Doran
Agency Producer: Michelle Pilling / Meghan Cheesbrough
Group Account Director: Jill Engelman
Business Lead: Afton Franklin
Project Manager: Christian Edejer
Strategist: Celina Bussiere

Production House: Asymetric
Director: Peter Huang
Director of Photography: Kris Bonnell
Executive Producer: Evan Landry
Line Producer: Jason Aita

Post Production / Offline: Married to Giants
Editor: Paul Skinner

Post Production/ Transfer: Alter Ego
Post Production Online: Wingman
Online Artist: James Andrews
Colorist: Connor Fisher

Audio House: TA2
Director: Drew Frohmann
Engineer: Dave Clarke

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

Ann Byberg – Senior Marketing Officer – Premier’s Office
Veann Leps – Creative Marketing Advisor – Premier’s Office
Liz Hooper – Creative Marketing Advisor – Premier’s Office

Courtney Richardson – Senior Media Content Coordinator – Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
Kristen Routledge – Director of Communications – Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
Michelle Burr – Senior Manager – Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
Thom Jenkins – Team Lead, Marketing Communications – Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

Melanie Robert – Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy – Cabinet Office
Andrew Sturrock – Marketing Coordinator – Cabinet Office
Kristen Polito – Senior Marketing Advisor – Cabinet Office
Sharyn Byrne-Nearing – Senior Manager, Marketing – Cabinet Office