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//  05.30.17


Budgie Content Executive Producer Sandy Kelly and Sales Executive Jill Godbold

Budgie Content Executive Producer Sandy Kelly and Sales Executive Jill Godbold

Partners Film announces launch of digital content company, Budgie

Toronto-based production company Partners Film has launched Budgie Content, an offshoot division dedicated to enabling agencies to create high-quality, cost-effective digital content. 

Budgie represents a vibrant group of multidisciplinary artists and companies, and is bringing a new, simplified model to digital content production. Rather than take on full-scale production, Budgie will act as a facilitator between already established content creators and agencies looking for the right talent.

“We’ve assembled a group of filmmakers who are all great at what they do, we’re just bringing them to agencies,” says Partners president and executive producer Gigi Realini, noting that Budgie’s roster of local artists were chosen for their ability to do it all, from directing to producing, editing and finishing. “The idea is to let the creators create while Budgie ensures its agency clients get exactly what they need within their digital content budgets.”

Budgie has already begun to work with its artists, each of which has its own style and aesthetic.

“You’ll notice that we don’t showcase their reels on our site,” says Sandy Kelly, Budgie’s executive producer. “We specifically wanted to bring people to the artists’ environments because the content world is so different. And they all have their own voice – we want people to get a sense of what they’re each like as a creative group.”

Day-to-day operations of Budgie will be handled by executive producer Sandy Kelly and sales executive Jill Godbold. Kelly started at Partners Film in 2008 as an executive assistant and later became the head of production in 2012. Godbold joined Partners Film in 2016. She began her career in sales at Steam Films in 2007, and in 2011 was a post-production producer at PosterBoy Edit. She was a freelance producer prior to joining Partners in 2016.


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