Life is Good

//  03.28.18

Glossy partnered with Toronto-based creative shop The Garden and lifestyle apparel company Life is Good to promote The Power of Optimism Machine.

Whether a glass is half full or half empty depends largely on a person’s perspective: are they looking at it through a positive or negative lens? Life is Good’s new Power of Optimism Machine uses electroencephalography (EEG) technology to literally demonstrate the power of positive thinking right before people’s eyes.

By either thinking of things that make them happy, or viewing a screen showing the brand’s uplifting artwork and phrases, users can literally fill a glass with water using only the power of positive thoughts. Read the press release.

The high-tech happiness project was covered in Forbes, it was Ad of the Day on Adweek and featured in StrategyPSFK, Trend Hunter, The DrumAds of the World, Ethical Marketing News, AdStasher, The Stable, Popisms and Promo Marketing Magazine.

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