Boston Pizza’s Mini Patio Sets

//  08.28.18

You’ve always thought that little plastic pizza saver looks like a little table, right? Well, Boston Pizza, and its creative agency john st., decided to make little patio chairs to go with it. The stunt was done to promote the much loved patio season in Canada, and the limited edition tiny patio sets were sent out to consumers who ordered Boston Pizza delivery pizza in Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Montreal. People loved it. Read the press release.

The campaign received 131 million media impressions. Here’s some of the coverage: Global News’ The Morning Show, Boing Boing, Designboom, Adweek, CreativityDelish, SimplemostLaughing Squid, Yahoo News, Geekologie, 98.5 Virgin RadioAction 4 News, Fox News RadioTrendHunterPackaging of the World, Strategy, and the Fat Jewish shared in it on Instagram (see below).