Fort York VFX Launches Colour Grading Services

//  11.28.23
Left to right: Executive Producer Pallavi Joshi-Firby; Senior Colourist Jason Zukowski; Senior Colour Assistant Jose Torres

Left to right: Executive Producer Pallavi Joshi-Firby; Senior Colourist Jason Zukowski; Senior Colour Assistant Jose Torres Photo credit: Wade Hudson

Fort York VFX Hires Jason Zukowski to Launch Colour Grading Services

The veteran colourist joins the 10-year-old company as it expands its capabilities

Fort York VFX is bringing a splash of colour to its facility, with industry veteran Jason Zukowski joining the 10-year-old post-production company as its new Senior Colourist.

Zukowski worked as a director of photography, editor, and director before finding his professional niche in colour. His career has included stops at Notch, Redlab and Studio Feather, where he contributed to award-winning campaigns for brands including Sapporo, Skittles, Huggies, and Land Rover. His passion and dedication to the craft, alongside his brilliant shorthand with directors, editors and creative teams alike, make him a highly sought-after Colourist in Toronto’s advertising world.

Fort York VFX Creative Director and Partner Mike Bishop says the company had been hoping to add colour grading capabilities for some time but needed to find the right person to successfully expand its offering.

“Watching Jason’s career and work over the years made this step in our evolution an easy decision for us,” says Bishop. “He brings art and a great amount of care to colour grading, creating beautifully evocative images no matter the product or subject.

“He does this in a collaborative and approachable way that ensures his clients and his team feel like they’re part of the process,” he adds. “I’m excited to elevate our work and expand the way we support our clients with the help of his artistic skillset.”

Helping bring the launch to life is Pallavi Joshi-Firby who’s two years at Fort York VFX as an Executive Producer thus far have familiarized her with Fort York’s culture and workflow. Her impressive experience in colour and VFX, drawn from her time at Alter Ego, Redlab and BBDO’s Ricochet, paired with her familiarity with Zukowski thanks to her time at Redlab, made her insight and guidance invaluable to this launch.

The company is rounding out its colour team with Senior Colour Assistant Jose Torres, who has most recently been working as a freelance colourist, but got his start as a colour and online assistant with Redlab.

Fort York will be welcoming their clients for colour sessions from their stunning new space in Toronto’s historic Distillery District.