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Here are some samples of recent publicity we have obtained for our clients.


Posted April 5, 2016

Glossy partnered with Toronto-based creative shop Blackjet Inc. on its announcement that they’ll be adding free weed to their benefits package to attract new talent, as soon as cannabis is made legal in Ontario. Sound too good to be true? Well, it is. It was an April Fool’s stunt, but they are hiring and the stunt got them more resumes than they can count and some great media attention. Read the press release.

Here’s some of the coverage – AdAge, Applied Arts, Campaign US, MediaPost Psssst, MediaLife, PR Week, Shots, Strategy, The Stable.

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Hollywood Insider

Posted April 1, 2016

YouTube Preview Image

Glossy partnered with Los Angeles-based Furlined and Arnold Worldwide Boston for this article in FastCompany’s Co.Create on this campaign for CenturyLink that launched during the 2016 Oscars and stars Paul Giamatti with a family of movie buffs. The campaign is directed by Furlined’s Will Speck and Josh Gordon.

Read more on FastCo.Create.

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Endless Slogans

Posted March 30, 2016

YouTube Preview Image
Glossy partnered with Toronto-Based Bensimon Byrne, to promote its “Endless Slogans” campaign for Amsterdam Brewery. The 60-secod spot for Boneshaker makes fun of every single beer category cliché while getting across how ridiculously tasty it is.

Bensimon Byrne is also the agency that helped Justin Trudeau (Canada’s new Prime Minister) get into office.

The campaign was Adweek’s Ad of the Day.

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The Window Project

Posted January 11, 2016

YouTube Preview Image

Glossy partnered with FCB Toronto and FCB New York on The Window Project – a holiday installation that appeared in a Toronto storefront window to raise awareness over the increase of domestic violence over the holidays and to raise funds for a number of women’s shelters across Ontario. Read the full press release here.

Read the full press release here.

Here’s some of the traction we obtained: CityNews, New York TimesGlobal News’ The Morning Show, Global News Hour Toronto, Huffington Post, Marketing Magazine, MSN.com, Adweek,  PSFK, Trend Hunter, The Stable, and Little Black Book. We also received coverage on CBC radio and TV as well as CTV news.

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Posted December 3, 2015

Glossy partnered with The Garden to promote its work with IZ, a company dedicated to the creation of sophisticated and functional clothing for people using wheelchairs, founded by renowned designer Izzy Camilleri.

Not only did The Garden reframe and rebrand the business, they also saw an opportunity for the company to have an even bigger positive impact beyond the world of fashion. The Garden shifted the company’s traditional retail business model with an initiative called Access10: with every product purchased, IZ will give 10 per cent of its total gross sales towards projects to increase accessibility. Through Access10, IZ partners with organizations such as Stop Gap to help mobilize teams to build brightly coloured ramps in communities across North America.

Headlining IZ’s brand relaunch is a new social media campaign called “Fashion IZ Freedom,” that utilizes the power of fashion to get the message out about the importance of making the world a more accessible place.The campaign calls on people to order a special “Fashion IZ Freedom” t-shirt to raise awareness around accessibility issues. Once they receive the shirt, people are prompted with a card to “take a seat” for accessibility issues across North America by taking a seated selfie while wearing the shirt. They are then encouraged to share their pics with their social networks tagging @IZadaptive and #FashionIZFreedom. All proceeds from these t-shirts go towards building ramps in communities across North America. Read more here.

Here’s some traction on this project and social initiative – FastCompany’s Co.Create, AdWeek, Strategy, Osocio.

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Chipotle Boorito

Posted October 18, 2015

YouTube Preview Image
Glossy partnered with NYC-based Piro and Chipotle to promote the brand’s popular Boorito promotion. We had previously partnered with both in January 2014 on Farmed and Dangerous.

Read all about it on Adweek and FastCompany’s Co.Create.

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Posted October 7, 2015

YouTube Preview Image
Glossy worked with LA-based Community Films to promote its latest heartfelt spot for Cheerios via Saatchi & Saatchi New York. The spot, called “Grandpa,” is directed by Matt Smukler, who has teamed up with the brand and agency on a number of memorable ads — most notably, the one with the interracial family that caused such a stir in 2013.

Here’s some of the love “Grandpa” received – Creativity, Huffington Post, Adweek, FastCompany’s Co.Create, Ads of the World, Agency Spy, Adland, The Stable, The Drum.

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Posted September 10, 2015

YouTube Preview Image
Glossy partnered with UNION and Mount Pleasant Group to promote QUITBIT. QUITBIT is designed to take the wearer’s lifestyle habits into account and use that information to calculate how much time they have remaining in their life. Once the user’s time is almost up, it sends a notification alerting the person that it is time to start preparing for their final goodbye.

The product is fake but the idea serves to help keep funeral planning top of mind for all demographics, even the younger crowd who may not have ever thought about it. Read the press release.

Here’s some of the traction on the project – Globe & Mail, Ad of the Day on AdweekCreativity,  Campaign, Co.CreateMarketing, UnrulyTrendHunter, AgencySpy, MediaPost, Brand Channel, Daily Dot, PSFKShoot, Ads of the WorldE Wear NowCulture Pub, Mobile MarketingBandt, StimulantBits and Pieces, MedGizmo, Daily Buzz, Wearable Weekly.

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Johnsonville Sausage

Posted August 26, 2015

Glossy partnered with Toronto-based Matchstick and Milwaukee-based Cramer-Krasselt to promote Johnsonville’s new TV, print and Canadian social media campaign. Read the press release here.

The traction we obtained includes the article from Western Grocer (posted above), as well as coverage in Marketing, Strategy, Canadian Grocer, Adweek’s Agency Spy, and AdNews.

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Volvo – 6 Billion Hours

Posted July 3, 2015

To promote Volvo’s new XC60, Grey Canada set out to created pre-roll ads you actually want to watch. They hyperlinked specific YouTube themes and subject matter to specific car features. Team members from Creative, Media and Analytics all worked together 24hrs/day, creating hundreds of XC60 pre-roll videos that delivered trending & topical messages in real time. In addition to ‘standard’ YouTube themes and tags.

Here’s some of the traction we obtained on this project: FastCompany’s Co.Create, Aweek’s Agency Spy, Strategy, Inspiration Room, Creative CriminalsHot Digital, The Stable, Ads of the World, La Reclame.

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