Design  //  02.10.16

Jonathan Bonder, who is from Toronto but is now Vancouver-based and a former film and TV sound designer, has launched a passion project, Pluvio Umbrella. …

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Advertising  //  12.22.15

Back in the 1930s, a classic cola brand popularized Santa’s look. What if other brands got there first?

For the holidays, kbs+ Toronto has rebranded …

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Design  //  08.11.15

I just stumbled across the works of Barcelona-based artist and illustrator Sonia Pulido on The Jealous Curator and I immediately want to fill a summer …

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Advertising  //  06.25.15

This little iron fish won the Product Design Grand Prix in Cannes last night.

As the case study above shows, Geometry Global in Dubai, United …

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Branding  //  06.18.15

This week’s Throwback Thursday is a short trip back to March 2012 and this project I frequently refer to as “little card, big PR.” It …

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Advertising  //  05.28.15

We’re doing our first Throwback Thursday at Glossy – hoping to make this a regular thing.

Today I’m throwing back to October 2007 and …

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Design  //  05.12.15

Toronto-based advertising agency Red Lion has launched a revamped website and the result is something that’s never really been done before. It’s not just a …

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Advertising  //  05.06.15

Koodo’s new brand platform is packed with happy

Along with things like sizzling bacon and rainbow coloured kittens, a cell phone company that’s fair and …

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Animation  //  05.04.15

Fall in LOVE with Opening Sequence for this year’s F5 Fest

Intense, deep, dewey-eyed and bittersweet, love is experienced in a variety of ways, just …

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Art  //  04.23.15

Here’s one from the “why did’t I think of this?” files. Artists Chris McMahon and Thyrza Segal have been giving thrift store paintings a new …

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