Advertising  //  08.17.15

A little yodelling, a bit of falsetto and some good old barbershop quartet, these are just some of the many musical easter eggs that reward …

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Music  //  06.05.15

Last night the 93rd Annual Marketing Awards were held in Toronto. The show, held annually at Toronto’s historic event space The Carlu, celebrates the most …

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Advertising  //  04.13.15

Bi-costal music and sound design shop Squeak E Clean is pleased to announce that Rob Barbato has joined its Los Angeles office as Associate Creative …

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Advertising  //  12.08.14

Sean Fischer (left) and Noel Thomson (right) of East of Avenue

 The song “Paper Planes” has taken off and it’s all thanks to Vapor Music …

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Advertising  //  11.26.14

Old Spice and W+K Portland have again partnered with Seattle-based music house Walker for Dadsong – the follow-up to last year’s award-winning Momsong.

Walker owner …

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Advertising  //  10.29.13

If you don’t already know them, I’d like to introduce you to SNDWRX, a new Toronto-based audio production studio focused on talent and collaboration that’s …

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Advertising  //  09.18.13

Twelve notes. Twelve opera singers. One instrument.

In collaboration with the Festival d’Opéra de Québec, TFO, and their AOR Lowe Roche, brought opera to the …

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