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Short Film

Movement and Fashion

Posted February 9, 2015

YouTube Preview Image

Wow, Mikhail Baryshnikov looks amazing. Ok – Lil Buck looks great too, but Mikhail, man you are aging well.

I love everything about this fashion film for Rag & Bone’s Fall Winter 2015 men’s collection – the casting, the movement, the editing, the music, the clothes. So so good. It’s directed by the lovely & super talented Georgie Greville, Legs Media.

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Matthew Frost as Matthew Frost

Posted February 4, 2015

YouTube Preview Image

I’m a BIG fan of director Matthew Frost’s work, and am happy to see this film on FREE’s The Creator Class.

Directed by Paul Johnston and Adam Beck, Content turns the camera around, as Matthew Frost plays Matthew Frost in this self-aware doc about filmmaking in a celebrity-saturated internet age. Peer into Matthew’s daily life and learn about a creative process that blends the efficiency of a commercial film with a sense of humor in a world that takes itself too seriously. Beyond all else, learn from a Creator who has made lightning strike again and again with a viral, modern-day genre all it’s own.

Read more.

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The Other Football

Posted January 28, 2015

YouTube Preview Image

We are deep in the middle of Super Bowl ad madness, but this spot for the other football, the one that the majority of the globe plays, has just been released.

It’s for Top Eleven, a mobile game that lets you create and manage your own football team, and is narrated by legendary Chelsea football manager José Mourinho.

The spot, directed by Emil Möller via B-Reel in London, beautifully depicts the dramatic highs and lows of the most popular game in the world. It was also made without any ad agency involvement. Möller and Nebo Radović of Nordeus, the creator of the game, came up with the idea together and in just one week we went from conception to production. And singer/songwriter Robbie Williams actually spent time on set. read more about that here.

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Sh*t Girls Say Goes Down Under

Posted January 20, 2015

YouTube Preview Image
Australian haircare brand Aussie has tapped into the talents of Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey’s successful Sh*t Girls Say series (films, twitter and a book) with this new comedic spot – Sh*t Girls Say About Hair.

The spot was created by mcgarrybowen, and Graydon Sheppard directed via The Directors Bureau. In Canada (where we miss him & Kyle terribly) Graydon is repped by Soft Citizen.

Nicely done Graydon & Kyle!

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Kill the K-Cup

Posted January 15, 2015

YouTube Preview Image
Although I’m not a fan of mock reality Sci-Fi style of this spot, it’s been done a number of times before – I think starting with this 2003 award-winning spot, I do like the message and the amount of work that I can see went into its creation.

According to the info for the spot, “in 2014 the use of the K-Cup reached unparalleled levels. Output became so high that there was enough discarded K-Cups to circle the earth 10.5 times.” That’s a lot.

Brita has been using the same statistical strategy for a couple years now – a spot released in 2013 says that plastic bottles thrown away could go around the world 190 times.

Kill the K-Cup was created and directed by Charles Wahl of Egg Studios in partnership with Social Bean Coffee Co - both are based in Halifax where the spot was shot. The two also launched a website, killthekcup.org, that features relevant articles and a Change.org petition that urges Keurig to make its pods recyclable. Keurig has said all of its K-Cups will be recyclable by 2020, but the petition says that’s not soon enough.

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Making Electronic Music

Posted January 7, 2015

Here’s some nice in camera animation ingenuity from Blinkink’s Greg Barth for Hello Play, a Belgian online electronic music platform.

Using 3D printing, stop frame animation and a magnitude of white chocolate Barth creates a retro interpretation of electronic music using objects that glitch and deform, perfectly reflecting the audio. The making-of is below.

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Is it a Puppy!?

Posted December 11, 2014

YouTube Preview Image

I often joke – “is it a puppy!?” – when opening Christmas presents. I usually do it with very small boxes. Boxes so small that there’s no way it’s a puppy. Also, I’m highly allergic to dogs – even the hypoallergenic ones. So, you can get the humour.

But pets for Christmas is no laughing matter. Over the holidays animal shelters get filled to capacity with unwanted pets. To bring awareness to this issue, 3MillionDogs.com, the site and companion app whose miission is to make the world a better place for dogs, offers visitors a timely message in a current post and companion video: Think Before You Give a Dog a Home for Christmas.

3MillionDogs is headed up by Geoffrey Roche and his son Alexandre. Geoffrey is the founder of Toronto’s Lowe Roche.

Read more here.

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Posted December 9, 2014

YouTube Preview Image

GREY Toronto continues to to create great, thought-proving work for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

The latest, directed by Untitled Films‘ Phil Brown, depicts the new reality of a “lockdown” culture in American classrooms. It’s been nearly two years since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the spot was released today along with a report documenting the almost 100 school shootings since Newtown.

Read more.

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Sexy Slow Jam for “Her”

Posted December 8, 2014

YouTube Preview Image

The folks over at Common Good have made this slick and sexy vid for Majid Jordan’s latest, called “Her.” They’ve also been creating some great contact for him on Instagram too – watch a reel of all the clips they’ve done below.

Nice work guys!

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Before the Wave

Posted November 26, 2014

Congratulations to Molly Willows on reaching 97% of her Indiegogo goal to fund her short documentary film Before the Wave.

Before the Wave is a poetic doc featuring Moken sea gypsies of the Andaman Sea, who are sea-faring nomads off the coast of Burma and Thailand. The community is one of the smallest indigenous groups in all of Asia, they are stateless, and since the 2004 Tsunami their lives have forever changed. With the advent of emergency disaster relief and NGOs unaware of to their ancient ways, pressures from the outside world have caused their numbers to rapidly decrease. Each year, hundreds of Moken sea gypsies perish from lack of fish in the sea, die from working on large dangerous fishing boats, or are forced to give up their old way of life for the big cities of Asia. This film will communicate both the astounding beauty of the Moken’s one-of-a-kind aqua-culture, as well as the transforming reality of their present-day history.

I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s completed. You can donate and read more here and Happy Birthday Molly!

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