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Short Film

Justino’s Christmas

Posted November 24, 2015

YouTube Preview Image

Yep, here’s another Christmas tear-jerker. This time from Spain and created by Leo Burnett Iberia (Madrid) and beautifully animated and directed by againstallodds of Passion Pictures.

This sweet 3-minute film follows Justino, the nightshift worker at a mannequin factory as he spends the nights alone but is able to bring joy to the daytime staff with some office mannequin antics. And who doesn’t love mannequin antics?!

This spot is part of an annual tradition in Spain. Since 1812, the Christmas lottery is more of a group affair than other lotteries, as it’s traditional for people to share the winnings by buying shared tickets with colleagues, friends and family.

They have also set up an Instagram account for Justino, in case this film just isn’t enough. I’m following him.


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Jane St.

Posted November 6, 2015

YouTube Preview Image

Thank you john st. for calling out all things terrible about “femvertising.” Every time I see one of these adds calling out women’s insecurities, feel bad for being so well-adjusted. Ok, I don’t feel bad, but I’m happy to be so well-adjusted that I think these ads are BS and encourage insecurity.

This video, called “jane st.” and created for Strategy magazine’s Agency of the Year awards, is one in a series of great spots the Toronto-based shop has created annually for the awards show – past greats include Pink PoniesCatvertising, Buyral, and ExFEARiential.

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Another Gentleman’s Wager

Posted November 2, 2015

YouTube Preview Image

A little bit of gratitude goes a long way in this second instalment of “Gentleman’s Wager” for Johnnie Walker Blue label, created by Anomaly and directed by Jake Scott of RSA.

The film reunites Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini, this time over a wager for a vintage car and a race to Monaco. The films also features actress Zhao Wei and Formula 1 heroes Mika Häkkinen and Jenson Button appear in cameos. I think I like this one better than the first (posted below). Yep, I do. Take 11 mins out of your Monday to watch it.

YouTube Preview Image

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Posted October 30, 2015

You can’t have Halloween without a horror film, or 2. This one stars five very unlucky garden snails who find themselves in a kitchen of terror.

“Escargore” is an entertaining mix of comedy and animated-gore and is the latest short from Auckland-based Media Design School’s 3D Animation and VFX program. The short film, which is a mix of live-action and CGI, was completed in four months by a group of 22 students. Kudos to director Oliver Hilbert and the team. Nicely done.

There’s a behind the scenes vid too. Posted below.

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Not Another Beauty Ad

Posted October 25, 2015

YouTube Preview Image
I have seen this ad going around since last week, but I have not watched it until now because I thought it would be just another beauty ad. It’s not.

It’s a beauty ad worth watching. Thanks to Eliza Williams at Creative Review for putting it on my radar. I knew if she liked it, it had to be good.

No credits have been posted yet, but Creative Review believes that it was created in-house by Shiseido in Japan.

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Smirnoff’s Road trip

Posted October 22, 2015

YouTube Preview Image

This is funny stuff.

In the latest Exclusively for Everybody campaign for SMIRNOFF®, actors and comedians, T.J. Miller and Thomas Middleditch (HBO’s Silicon Valley), journeyed an epic 3,098-miles from Los Angeles to New York Comic Con in “The Road Trip” to pitch a film idea starring superheroes that aren’t cut from the same Hollywood cloth.

Documenting the adventure, the SMIRNOFF® brand, in partnership with 72andSunny and Arts & Sciences director Matt Lenski, created a series of six broadcast and online films for “The Road Trip,” sharing how T.J. and Thomas learned about the quality of SMIRNOFF® vodka during stops along the way at a comedy club, farm-to-table restaurant, house party, and, finally, in a safe carpool ride.

View more and full credits.

YouTube Preview Image

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Man in Motion Rick Hansen for HBC

Posted October 19, 2015

YouTube Preview Image

The HBC History Foundation is enlisting Man in Motion hero Rick Hansen to celebrate the explorer and surveyor David Thompson in its second Country of Adventurers history segment.

Thompson became one of the most pioneering geographers in Canada. No matter where he traveled, he would mark down the latitude and longitude, temperature and geographical characteristics. Ultimately, he mapped almost half of North America between the 46th and 60th parallels, from the St. Lawrence and Great Lakes all the way to the Pacific. His work was so accurate that it remained the basis of all maps of the west for almost a century.

The HBC History Foundation created The Country of Adventurers series of historical narratives to share the stories of Canada’s adventurous past. The campaign was created by Toronto-based Red Urban, directed by Untitled Films’ David Tennant, and edited by Mark Paiva at Saints Editorial. Special Effects were handled by Alter Ego, Toronto.

Read more.

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Edible Zoetrope

Posted October 6, 2015

Um, well this is amazing.

French director, animator and food artist Alexandre Dubosc has created this fantastic zoetrope cake called Melting POP. So much fun.

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Chipotle’s Boorito is Back

Posted October 5, 2015

YouTube Preview Image

Finally! The fast-food pyramid is explained.

“Endless Line,” is the latest short film from Chipotle to promote Halloween fundraiser, Boorito.

Boorito has become one of the company’s most iconic promotions. On Saturday, October 31 between 5pm and closing, Chipotle will offer $3 burritos, bowls, salads, and tacos to customers dressed in a costume with an, “unnecessary” addition. Proceeds from the fundraiser, up to $1 million, will benefit the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.

The humorous film, created in conjunction with New York based studio, Piro and directed by Tim Piper, features a customer entering a fictitious fast food restaurant where she discovers what Chipotle would be like if it served traditional fast food rather than cooking by hand. It follows her as she orders from an endless line of workers, each adding a different artificial additive to her meal. Rather than accept her artificially flavored, colored, and processed meal, she questions where the “real” ingredient are. The short video concludes with the line: “Unnecessary additives are creepy.”

Read more.

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T.J. Misny joins Greenpoint Pictures

Posted September 29, 2015

YouTube Preview Image
Director T.J. Misny has joined Greenpoint Pictures for commercial film representation.

His comedy shorts, including “Broad City: I Heart New York,” featuring Amy Poehler, “Millennial Horror Story,” and “Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong” (above), have accumulated over 25 million views on YouTube.

Misny often wears many hats, taking on multiple roles in the production of his film projects, including writing, directing, producing and editing. Since joining Greenpoint Pictures Misny has directed campaigns for Method Soap, GE and New York Post and worked with BBDO and Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

View his reel. Read more.

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